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Kilian Stuardo Nuñez

Here you will find my personal info and my work you can also contact me here for work related stuff.

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I make my own designs and create my own work take a look at what i do!

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Feel free to contact me if you want me to make something or if you want to work together

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What Do I Do?

I am a graphic design artist with many skills in web and graphich design

I also specialize in social media content and photography & videography

service 1

Graphic Design

service 2


service 3

Photography & Videography

Take A Look At My Work!


project 1

Corporate Identity Stuardo industries

ProjectStuardo Industies
DateJuni 2015
SkillsPhotoshop, illustrator

Corporate Identity for stuardo industries.

project 2

Iphone 4s

Projectiphone 4s
DateJuly 2013

Iphone 4s made in Photoshop from scratch

project 3

T-shirt Design

ProjectT-shirt design
DateJuly 2013

A T-shirt design made by me

project 4

Mtn Dew X Playstation

ProjectMtn Dew X Playstation
DateJuly 2013

A fictional promo with Mtn Dew and Playstation

project 5

VHS Amaro Stuardo

ProjectVHS Amaro Stuardo Wallpaper
DateJuly 2013

VHS effect wallpaper

project 6

Personal Moodboord

ProjectPersonal Moodboord
DateJuly 2013
SkillsPhotoshop, Illustartor

Moodbooord about me made for a school project

project 7

Stuardo Industies Logo

ProjectStuardo Industries
DateJuni 2015
SkillsPhotoshop, Illustrator

Logo for Stuardo Industries on paper

project 8

Spilgames game trailers

ProjectGameplay video's I made for Spilgames
DateApril 2016
SkillsAfter effects, photoshop, premiere

I made these videos for Spilgames by there request and there design these videos were used in the appstores to promote there video's

project 9

Screenshots Box collider Spilgames

ProjectScreenshots for Spilgames
DateMarch 2016

Screenshots I made for the game Box collider for Spilgames

project 10

Casio Promo

ProjectCasio Promo
DateJuly 2013
SkillsPhotography, Photoshop

A fictional promotion for a product.

project 10

Stuardo Industries Promo

ProjectStuardo Industries
DateJuly 2016
SkillsPhotoshop, Illustrator

Outdoors promotion for Stuardo Industries.

project 10

Volkskrant Magazine

ProjectVolkskrant Magazine
DateJuly 2013
SkillsPhotoshop, Illustrator

A self made design for the cover of the first issue of Volkskrant magazine with the theme "Dutch Design".

  • project 1

    Stuardo Industries

    Corporate Identity

  • project 2

    Iphone 4s

    Iphone 4s in Photoshop

  • project 3

    T-shirt design

    Shirt design for school

  • project 4

    Mtn Dew X Ps4

    Promotional campaign

  • project 5


    Free time project

  • project 6

    Personal Intrest

    School Assigment

  • project 7

    Stuardo Industries Logo

    Stuardo Industries logo on paper

  • project 8

    Spilgames Gameplay trailers

    gameplay trailers

  • project 9

    Screenshots Spilgames

    Screenshots for game Box Collider

  • project 10

    Casio Promo

    Promo for casio product

  • project 11

    Stuardo Industries

    Outdoor Promo

  • project 12

    Volkskrant Magazine

    Ducth Design

Who Am I?

team 1

Kilian Stuardo


Young graphic design student,

who is still in school

but wants to grow into

a big graphic design artist.

About Me

I am Kilian Stuardo Nuñez

a young kid born in 1996 who loves

to be creative and likes computers and electronics.


  • Graphic Design

  • Html & Css

  • Photography

  • Wordpress

  • Videography

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